Cute pensioner pooch is looking for his furever home

Little Louis, a 17-year-old chihuahua at Dogs Trust Shoreham, would like a quiet home where he can relax and enjoy his golden years.

The senior canine needs comfort, tasty food and treats, a human lap to curl up on, and an accessible garden where he can potter around and explore new smells.

A peaceful place to call home would be his dream come true, and he would love to find adopters who can offer him a spot on their sofa.

Adel Burnett, centre manager at Dog Trust Shoreham, said: “At 17-years-old, Louis is definitely one of the oldest dogs we’ve cared for here at Shoreham.

“He has become a firm favourite at the centre, and we really hope he can find a loving forever home to live out his twilight years.”


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Having endured a big change in his later life, Louis finds it worrying when left alone. A multi-carer household is preferred, so that there is always someone around to keep him company.

The Argus: Louis would like a sofa to curl up onLouis would like a sofa to curl up on (Image: Dogs Trust Shoreham)

Due to his lack of experience around children, and his worries around unpredictable interactions, Little Louis is looking for a home where the youngest members of his family are aged 16 and older.

While Louis is looking to be the only pet in the household, he is happy to mooch about in the company of other calm canines who will not expect too much from him.

It is essential that he has a garden of his own which can be easily accessed with minimal steps.

His new garden should also be made up partly of grass, so that he can go about his business on comfortable ground.

If you think you can offer Little Louis a loving forever home, visit

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