Temporary traffic signs causing problems near Empower Field

DENVER (KDVR) — Tucked away near Empower Field is the small Jefferson Park neighborhood.

It’s a charming place and usually pretty busy, with Federal Boulevard on one side and the stadium on the other. A pretty cool place, FOX31 is told — except for all the traffic signs.

Kris Williams, who owns a small business in the neighborhood, said she sees the temporary traffic signs all the time, long after events at Empower Field at Mile High are over.

“And they are impeding sidewalks. They are impeding right of ways and also they are causing a lot of confusion,” Williams said.

That can cause headaches for businesses and the people who live here. FOX31 found one-way signs, no-turn signs and do not enter signs, along with stacks of cones and temporary street posts. They were randomly bunched up in many different spots.

Who’s responsible for these traffic signs?

The Denver Police Department said the signs belong to a private company. The company usually begins setting out the signs before an event, and there is a Broncos game this weekend.

But Williams said she’s been complaining about the signs that are just left out here for a couple of years now. She told the Problem Solvers she’s been trying to contact the city and a sign company to help get the problem fixed.

She said the signs are left out for weeks and months at a time, even when there are no events at the stadium.

“Just driving around the neighborhood, it makes it feel very messy. It makes it look like a construction zone, and it’s very frustrating,” Williams said.

A cluster of temporary traffic signs near Empower Field at Mile High
A cluster of temporary traffic signs near Empower Field at Mile High (KDVR)

Clusters of traffic signs moved around the streets

Another person who works in the neighborhood and asked not to be identified said the abandoned signs can also be dangerous.

“Part of the problem with the cones is that people move them around and put them in the street basically as pranks and for fun. A number of the signs are directive, and that’s really the problem with them,” the man said.

The Denver Police Department said the private company that sets out the signs is supposed to pick them up after events at Empower Field. The pick-ups are supposed to happen days after an event, but they are sometimes left at staging locations if another event is coming up during the next week or weekend.

But people who work in the neighborhood said the signs are left here for up to months at a time.

FOX31 reached out to the company that sets out the signs but had not heard back from them as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Denver Police Department said this is the first complaint regarding this type of issue they received. The Problem Solvers has connected Williams with the city department that handles these types of issues.

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